Tom Gillece of Gillece Services – “The Man on The Van!”

The man who dreams big.
Tom Gillece was motivated beginning at an early age to achieve outstanding results with a high sense of urgency. While still in high school, he began working part-time for a local plumber and quickly set his sights on becoming the youngest Master Plumber in Allegheny County. Attending plumbing at night school, Tom acquired his Journeyman Plumbing License at the young age of 19 and passed the Master Plumber Exam at the age of just 20… allowing him to realize his goal of becoming the youngest person to pass the Master Plumber Exam in Allegheny County at that time.

The man who creates opportunity.
Tom Gillece started Gillece Services in 1980 (when he was still 20 years old) and came to realize that building relationships was the core to running a successful service business – relationships with customers, employees, industry folk, and the professional community. He was determined to run a business that focused on the individual – the customer, and the employee. Tom built a culture around putting the customer at ease. From the initial phone call requesting service, to the reassuring dispatcher that keeps the customer informed of the Technician’s arrival, every employee is focused on deflating whatever concerns the customer might be experiencing. All of this is a prelude to the arrival of a qualified, well trained Gillece Technician that not only is technically proficient, but is also trained in customer service and communication skills, and ready to start work in your home.

The man who encourages others.
The success of Gillece Services is directly related to the quality of the individual Technician that Gillece is able to recruit, train, motivate, and empower. A bonus program and an employee mentoring program, along with a team-based competition that keeps every Technician aware of exactly where they stand on a day by day basis, has been key to achieving Gillece’s high customer satisfaction rate, while providing a fun and exciting workplace environment. The measurement of success of the Pittsburgh-based company is both customer and employee satisfaction. Profit is viewed as the result and reward for providing outstanding customer service, not the goal. Tom’s son, Tom Gillece Jr., is following in Tom’s footsteps at the Gillece Headquarters and shares in the same inspiration and enthusiasm for Gillece employees, as well as customers.

The man who cares about people.
A key component of Tom’s commitment to customer service is his continued, on-going ‘sense of urgency’ that applies to servicing customers on their schedule – offering evening, weekend, and holiday service at no additional charge! “We’re Always Here to Take Your Call.” This is a key differentiation between Gillece Services and the rest of the industry, which may still only service customers during regular business hours and may charge premium rates for after hours and weekend calls. Gillece Services is fully staffed seven days a week and is open all year, every day, round-the-clock! And, “We’re There The Same Day or You Don’t Pay – Guaranteed!”

The man on the van.
Look for Tom on any Gillece vehicle waving hello to you, in your neighborhood – he’s “The Man on The Van!” “Call Gillece!”