Gillece Services; Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electrical
“Get Gilleced!”

What’s worse than a toilet that won’t flush in a busy household, heat that won’t click on in the dead of winter, air conditioning that blows warm air in summertime, or, an overloaded circuit breaker!? It doesn’t really matter what’s worse – get Gilleced! In your times of troubles, remember what Gilley says, “Call Gillece!” (In case you aren’t aware, Gilley is Gillece’s parrot mascot with all the answers.) No need to panic or feel overwhelmed in sudden, startling emergency situations, or, to feel insecure or bewildered about maintaining your major household appliances and their safety. Just remember when something goes wrong, don’t wait that long… to, “Call Gillece!”

Call Gillece Services for Plumbing. Call Gillece Services for Heating. Call Gillece Services for Cooling. Call Gillece Services for Electric. Gillece Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electrical Services is a homeowner’s one-stop-shop for home improvement – including emergency, repair, and safety and maintenance services. With Gillece’s expert, customer focused, easy-to-understand Gillece Professional Field Technicians, your problem or project will be managed professionally, effectively, timely, and caringly. Although local headquarters are based in Bridgeville, PA, Gillece Services staffs Pittsburgh/Allegheny County and its five surrounding counties with skilled, capable, friendly Plumbers, Heating and Cooling Technicians, and Electricians, all over these areas. So, Gillece may cover a lot of territory, but… they’re right in your neighborhood! They’re your local Plumbers, your local HVAC Technicians (Heating and Cooling), and your local Electricians!

Expect a friendly face when you answer the door to a Gillece Professional Field Technician after placing your service call. Having alerted you to his arrival 30 minutes prior to his visit, your Gillece Professional Field Technician will look over and assess your situation, ask you all the right questions and allow you to ask questions – will provide optional solutions and will help you make the decision that is right for you – and will ask for your approval before any work is started. Everything he needs is right on his truck, he’ll cover his work boots or work shoes with booties, use drop cloths should the service work call for it, respect your home and family, and leave everything neat and tidy…. having solved your problem before you know it! And, “We’re There The Same Day or You Don’t Pay* – Guaranteed!”

Gillece Professional Field Technicians include:
Gillece Plumbers for:
Clogged / backed up drains
Toilet not flushing / won’t stop running
Dripping faucet
Leaking pipe
Sewer back-up
Low water pressure
High water pressure
And, more…
Gillece Heating Technicians for:
Heat will not turn/click on
House is not warming up
Heater is blowing cold air
Blower motor is constantly running
Heat is making strange noises
Thermostat is not working
Boiler problems
Heat Pump problems
And, more…
Gillece Cooling Technicians for:
Outdoor unit fan is running but blowing warm air
Outdoor unit is frozen up
Air conditioner is not cooling enough
Thermostat is not working
AC is making noises
And, more…
Gillece Electricians for:
2-prong to 3-prong plug upgrades
Old and worn out plugs and switches
Flickering lights and noisy switches
Power surge damage and prevention
Power/electrical outages
Faulty circuit breaker
And, more…

Rest assured, there’s a Gillece Professional Field Technician near you! So, “Call Gillece!”